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About Residence Club at White Point

Why Fractional Ownership
The seaside beckons . . .

You're a member of the White Point Residence Club. You escape to your luxury cottage at the water's edge for a couple of weeks at a time, maybe a weekend or two when you can get away. The rest of the year, you relax, knowing your property is conscientiously cared for and maintained and that the associated costs are a just a fraction of full ownership. No worries about absentee ownership. No rationalizing the expense of owning a second home for just a few weeks use each year. Just peace of mind and a piece of heaven.

New Form of Ownership
On the crest of a new wave . . .

An exclusive vacation ownership opportunity awaits.

The White Point Beach vacation specialists are pleased to introduce the White Point Residence Club bringing an innovative vacation ownership alternative to Nova Scotia's stunning South Shore. Those who value a luxurious second home, but would rather forego the year-round headaches and expenses of outright ownership have been waiting for the White Point Residence Club. A limited number of members will become deeded tenants-in-common of a magnificent seaside home, sharing ownership privileges and maintenance expenses including property tax.

Membership brings not only part ownership in a premiere vacation home, but also full access to the amenities and facilities of nearby White Point Beach Resort and the opportunity to exchange vacation time for a visit to equally luxurious vacation homes in exceptional destinations around the world.

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Comfort of Your Own Place
A Welcome Breeze . . .

You open the door to your vacation home while on the shore, a stone's throw away, a heron takes flight. Choose your view from either deck; be social on one or be oh-so- private on the other. Inside, your family photos sit on the mantle over the fireplace, your tennis rackets and golf clubs wait in the closet. A much-loved bathrobe hangs on a hook. The kitchen is stocked with the makings of your favourite meal. The perfect vacation has begun.

Shared ownership at White Point means having a second home that is fully your own from the moment you arrive. It's your home for entertaining. To share with family and friends. To accent with personal treasures.

The immeasurable pleasures of shared ownership in White Point Residence Club are the same as with any cottage. It's the flexibility to come for a weekend on a whim. It's a place you return to time and again where the memories of a lifetime are forged. It's a sense of familiarity and continuity that just can't be duplicated in other vacation venues. It simply feels like home. Your home. Because it is.


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